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Access Control and Entry options

Obviously, what you need for Access Control will depend upon your own circumstances but here are some of the options to consider. Contact me to discuss your needs and I can work with you to an appropriate solution.

Inward Security

Door hardware

Handles or pushbuttons? Fail Safe or Fail Secure? Electric strikes or magnetic locks? Card Reader in only or in & out? Is it a Fire Route? Entryphone? Video entryphone?

There are many options for your doors and it is a balance between security, Health & Safety and staff mobility. It is no use having Fort Knox if it takes forever for your staff to pop to the canteen for a coffee.

I can survey your property for you and provide an Access Plan for all your doors. From there, we can also provide the complete project-managed installation service as well. Call me to discuss further.+44 (0)1628 56 99 22


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