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About Pulse Corporation Ltd.

Pulse was set up in 1997 as a Management Buyout from a Networking Company that became the Travel Company SITA. Andy, the MD has a wide ranging experience of Networks from the days before the Internet where every Computer supplier had its own protocol suite and compatibility was a big issue.

Since then, TCP/IP has become the de facto standard for Internetworking although niches such as CAN still remain.

Andy started installing Access Control solutions in 2009. His grounding in Networking has allowed him to ensure that the underlying connectivity is robust and his training as an Electronic Engineer has helped him in understanding the fundamental physics behind Networks amd fine tune his diagnostic skills.

Although Pulse is small, being a small company means more flexibility and attention to detail and client satisfaction. It uses Subcontactors where needed and you always have the assurance that brands such as Paxton have a wide range of trained engineers so if the worst were to happen, you are not left in the lurch. With closed systems, you are always at the mercy of the company - from closure to forced price rises. Pulse has been around nearly 20 years and, although that is not a guarantee, it is clear that Pulse is not a 'fly by night'. Each set of Annual Accounts are filed on time with Companies House for you to inspect for £1.

Access Control

Andy has carried out, Project Managed and supported installations across the UK and Europe covering all the following and more...

He is a Certified installer of Paxton equipment, carries an ECS card allowing him to work on Building Sites and, of course, Pulse carries full Public Liability insurance.

If you are looking for any of the above Access Control Components or an advisor, do call Pulse on 01628 56 99 22 for an initial chat. Whether it's a Brand new Access Control System or an upgrade of your current Access Control System, Pulse can advise, quote, install and support for you.

Pulse is happy to recommend any brand that would be most appropirate to your requirements, including ugrades from legacy equipment, whilst maintaining your operations and security.

Power over ethernet

A recent development for door access is providing power for the door lock and Readers over the data cable. This is known as 'Power over Ethernet'. There are two versions PoE and PoE+, the latter providing up to 50 Watts. PoE can power Readers, controllers and some locks. Other locks, requiring heavier power need PoE+ to operate.

From your poinr of view, you only need to have one Cat5e/6 cable to the door. That is it. No 240v fused spur needed. When you consider that a fused spur would cost £250+ per door, you can see the savings to be made over a whole building.

Call or email me today for a chat.

Pulse Corporation Ltd is wholly owned by myself. It has been in existence since 1997 so I am not a seven-day wonder and plan on being around for a while yet. You can find financial information on Pulse at Companies House and, although I haven't checked, the Credit Rating Agencies will have information as well.

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